Level 2 Bio-Practitioner Diploma

Deepen your expertise and expand your capabilities in energy healing with our Level 2 Bio-Practitioner Diploma Training. This advanced program builds on the foundational knowledge gained in Level 1, introducing more sophisticated techniques and a broader understanding of Bio-Energy Healing principles. It's designed for those who wish to take their healing abilities to the next level, focusing on both personal growth and professional development.

Next program will run between
Sep 20th, 2024 - Mar 28th, 2025

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Advanced Bio-Energy Healing techniques for complex cases.
The interplay between Eastern and Western healing philosophies.
The scientific basis of energy healing and the quantum effects of intention.
Detailed insights into the bio-field and how it relates to health.
Strategies for healing core wounds and facilitating emotional and spiritual awakening.

Course Features

Our Level 2 program offers a rich online learning environment, featuring:

18 Live Training classes with Michael D'Alton

An extensive e-manual supporting class lessons and techniques

Each class is recorded for your convenience to watch it anytime.

A Bio-Practitioner diploma upon qualification

Become A Practitioner

Why Enrol?

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Advance Your Skills

Learn advanced healing techniques and theories to handle more complex healing scenarios.

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Professional Development

Prepare for a career in Bio-Energy Healing with comprehensive knowledge and skills.

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Personal Growth

Experience a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Who Should Enrol?

This course is perfect for Level 1 graduates or those with a basic understanding of energy healing, looking to deepen their knowledge, enhance their healing abilities, and pursue a professional career in this field.

Elevate Your Healing Practice:

The Level 2 Bio-Practitioner Diploma Training is more than just an educational program; it's a transformative experience that will enrich your practice and your life. Under the guidance of Michael D’Alton and other experienced healers, you'll not only master advanced techniques but also explore the profound depths of energy healing. This course equips you with the tools and insights necessary for both personal transformation and professional excellence.

Take the next step in your healing journey with confidence and join a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to making a difference.

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Schedule of Upcoming program

18 FRIDAYS from 10am-1:30pm (Pacific time)

2024 Training Dates
September 20th/27th
October 4th/11th/18th
November 1st/8th/15th/29th
December 6th/13th

2025 Training Dates
January 3rd/17th/31st
February 7th/21st
March 14th/28th

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