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Discover Bio-Energy Healing

Bio-Energy Healing is a safe, gentle and powerful form of natural healing. There are no medications, needles or machines involved, with very little hands-on touch. Bio-Energy Healing can be applied on yourself and also on others, and can be a relaxing and restorative experience for the recipient.

Michael D’Alton giving energy with his hand to head. Other practitioners doing the same
Michael D’Alton showing how to give energy with hands

How Does it Feel?

Treatment begins with series of touch-free hand movements that promote relaxation, and bring energy blockages to the surface. Bio-Energy Healing techniques re-establish and restore natural energy flows of energy, leaving the recipient with a sense of balance and grounding.

The Benefits of Bio-Energy Healing

We are so much more than a physical body, but how can we connect better with ourselves on a deeper level, beyond what our eyes can see? Bio-Energy Healing can help you discover the ways that energy flows through our bodies and influences all areas of our lives. Awaken your consciousness and discover powerful healing techniques that can safely be used on yourself or others, with no medication or equipment needed, to promote relaxation, balance and personal wellbeing.

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Back pain, hip pain, neck & shoulder pain

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About Michael D’Alton’s School of Bio-Energy Healing

Founded by Michael D’Alton in 1993, D’Alton’s School of Bio-Energy Healing is a highly experienced and accomplished trainer of Bio-Energy certified practitioners. Michael’s mastery of Bio-Energy Healing is known for teaching effective healing techniques that bring about consistent results.

Michael has successfully trained thousands of people to practice Bio-Energy Healing and his accomplishments have been featured on the Oprah Network (Remedy Me!), W. Network, Joy TV, the Kid Carson show, BBC Television, The London Daily Mail, The Irish Times, The Sunday Post, The Scotsman and numerous other media.

Michael D’Alton giving presentation in front of a large group of people


"Taking Michael D'Alton's Bio Energy Healing course was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. He will open your eyes and mind to the world of quantum physics, and take you on an amazing and powerful  journey not only to heal yourself, but to heal others as well. So, if you're on the fence about receiving a healing session or taking the course, just take the leap. It's all worth it!"

Mizue Jaques

"Mother of 2 littlen ones here - challenged often as you can imagine, as kids bring out the worst out of me... Michael Dalton's school of Bioenergy is a  life changing opportunity for those who want to heal themselves or learn how to heal others.  How lucky to come across Michael - he is so inspirational and beyond amazing... He teaches the way he calls "excelerated learning" and WOW it works like magic. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow very fast. I cant thank Michael enough for this beautiful transformation...If you feel like life challenges you - this may be the way. Mine it was 💖"

Danielita Bartikova

"I took Level 1 Bio-Energy training course this past weekend and it was the best course I have ever taken. It is very informative, fun, interactive and I have learned lots. What an amazing experience the two days were. Michael is a great teacher. Looking forward to Level 2 this November in Costa Rica."

Bogdan Jitariu

"I attended Michael's healing session online and was blown away at how powerful it was. I am familiar with Bio-Energy and a client of Michael's for awhile now. Having this online session cleared blocked energy I was holding on to due to some major career changes that left me unsure and anxious of the future. I could feel my body getting lighter and a sense of calm and peace followed. I highly recommend Michael for your healing journey. He is a gifted healer and an amazing human being."

Dave Kitt

"I really enjoyed level 1 Bio Energy Healing!! Michael is a fantastic person to learn from. He is patient, kind and non judgemental. I felt very comfortable and in trusted hands as his student. He adds humour into his teachings as well which was very delightful!Bio Energy Healing is fascinating. I could feel the energy in my hands right away. I would highly encourage to take the level 1 training just for the experience alone 💫Thank you Michael 🙏"

Cheri Morgan

"I completed the Level 1 & Level 2 - Bio-Energy Training on-line with Michael D'Alton.  I'm in Australia so don't let distance stop you.  The course taught me how to heal others at a Practitioner Level.  The big bonus is that it takes you on a personal healing journey - absolutely transformational.  I consider it the best investment I've made in myself.  Content is wonderful and the friends I have made are so supportive."

Karen O'Brien

"Bio-Energy Healing with Michael is one of the best things I've ever done in my life for myself.I am so VERY GRATEFUL for the opportunity to receive healing sessions which have changed my entire life ... all levels of the human experience MIND, BODY, SPIRIT have been transformed.A shift in consciousness were there is a great sense of peace.Decades of trauma have been released. I now feel a lightness in my being.Chronic pain in my back GONEPainful sores on my tongue that I had for a couple years DISSOLVED.This is just the beging of a whole new life for me with my body returning to it's Natural, Healthy state!I can't even begin to thank Michael enough for this Bio-Energy Healing journey through healing sessions and education taking our health back into our own hands!"

Tammy McMillan

"Why did I wait so long to begin training with Michael D'Alton?  I ask myself this all the time.  I had been looking for a teacher for many years.  None of the prior trainings I signed-up for met the vibrational frequency I was seeking.  Having experienced bio-energy training through Michael's school, it's like I have finally come home and into alignment with what my heart is seeking. I am learning bio-energy skills I can share with others.  There is joy, discovery and peace - and best of all humor as we explore the human condition.  The wisdom that is shared here is real-time, portable and can be applied to all things in life."

Laura Chun

"Receiving a course of energy healing from Michael has been life changing. His approach is so gentle, full of kindness, trust and knowledge at so many levels. My energy levels are so much better and my aches and pains have gone.  It led me to signing up to study energy healing with Michael, a journey which I am so excited to be on. Thank you!"

Sile Keady


Unlock the power of self-healing with our transformative Bio-Energy Healing online courses

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Level 1
Bio-Inspired Training
This course is a powerful first step toward mastering self-healing and aiding others, introducing key Bio-Energy Healing concepts and life-changing techniques. Our online course allows you to proceed at your own pace and earn a Level 1 Bio-Inspired Training Certificate* upon completion.
Start Learning
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Level 2
Bio-Practitioner Diploma
This course advances your healing skills with both Eastern and Western energy healing insights, the science behind them, advanced techniques, and the dynamics of the bio-field. Experience an engaging blend of profound knowledge and practical application, enhancing your ability to heal and becoming a practitioner.
Become a Practitioner


Unlock the Power of Bio Energy with D’Alton's Level 1 Training Course

Revitalize Your Life: Discover the Remarkable Transformations of Bio-Energy Healing in Just Five Sessions!

Unveiling the Mysteries of the Seven Chakras: Transform Your Life with Bio-Energy Healing

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