Level 3 Bio-Advanced Workshops

Level 3 (optional) – Advanced Bio-Energy Healing and personal growth workshops

L3 Bio-Breakthrough – June, 2017

L3 Magical Mind – June, 2018

L3 Back to Bliss – June, 2019

We offer at least one of the L3 training courses every year to keep our practitioners up to date and advancing with their practice.

Venue: The Gatehouse, Salt Spring Island BC


Level 3 2017

Dates: June 16/17/18 ‘Magical Mind’

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Read what Bio-Energy Practitioners are saying about our Level 3 Advanced Training…


A little late but actually, I wanted to wait a little before sending my quote in because I wanted you to know how much that weekend affected me and my life instantly and long term. It has been over a month now and the lessons I learned are permanent. I am changed, healed, honestly, a few layers peeled off and because I healed myself inside, relationships in my life changed for the better. I am softer, gentler, more vulnerable than I have ever been, and so aware of who, what and why I am and do the things that I do. I put the “ BIG BIG DRAMA QUEEN” away, enough already, that one weekend impacted me more than the 9 month Level 2 course. Thank you for sharing your movie, that was special and inspiring and brave. I am a better healer since that weekend. I am more confident, natural, and focused. This truly can be described as a birthing process. One is hesitant and fearful at first, then you open up and release(which is painful), and in the end there is new life.Thank you for creating the space for me to share and really understand my darkside, my script is constantly changing and evolving, thank you for teaching me that I have the power to change any and all aspects in my life. I have moved forward with my heart open, I think from my heart, love from my heart and treat from my heart. My new movie is a love story, about a woman who lost herself for 35 years and found herself in a matter of minutes, you’re in the script!!!!! It is fun and light and extremely funny, thank you for participating in my movies so far, how much do I owe you? Hee Hee Much love,
Claudia, Burnaby

You’ve heard it before “take your weakness and turn them into your strengths” well great…. but…how? Michael led us into and through our dark side simply and elegantly, we uncovered our own true strengths “our light”. Living in the light requires not being afraid of the dark. For a quantum leap in your spiritual growth this workshop is a must.
Phyllis, Vancouver

Thank you for such a profound weekend, I feel charged, renewed and ready to do some Bio-Energy Healing at a higher level. The Bio-Energy sessions I have given since I got back have been amazing!
Daphne, Vancouver

Dear Michael,
Thank you for that blissful level 3 course weekend. I am sure that my awareness has grown since this experience. I love the format that you used for the course. I completely appreciated your honesty and vulnerability as an incredibly affective teaching tool for your course. This is quite possibly THE most generous gift a teacher can give a student. It was so powerful for you to share the process that you had to go through in order to teach us this information. Your personal understanding and example of peace and joy (bliss) was taught to us through being the person you are not just through words and knowledge. It was real.
At this point in my own personal journey, I feel that this course allowed me to move through to a higher vibration in my energy system. Fully participating was very challenging and uncomfortable most of the time, but it was what I needed to push through the layer I was pushing through. These exercises got down really deep for me. Since completing level 2, I have spent the past few years being faithfully committed to growing in awareness and becoming “enlightened”. I felt more than ready for level 3. It was as if all the knowledge and information that I had gathered since level 2 were pieces of a puzzle floating around in my head that were finally being pieced together by this course. The light bulbs that were (and still are) coming on for me during and after the course have been abundant and very bright! I am seeing things in a whole new light and realizing that there was much that I was not processing properly or even at all. Also, I found the synergy/symmetry or coincidences that popped up throughout the course weekend were so frequent and specific to me that it was exciting. I loved these “signs”.
The week after the course was an important week of reflection for me. I found that I needed time to adjust, heal, reflect and change. At first my feedback to you was going to be that during the course, I felt extremely rushed in every exercise. Finding 5 minutes to dig for these deep words and feelings was hardly enough. It exhausted me and flustered me and left me feeling very unsatisfied with my answers. I spent much time during the course weekend and for the week at home afterwards internally beating myself up wishing I could have another chance to express myself to the group so I could really say what I wanted to say. THEN I REALIZED….this is exactly what was supposed to happen. This is my pattern, my addiction. Wishing I expressed myself differently to the group would just be to strengthen my superficial movie…my OUTER movie. More time would allow me to edit my movie to say what I needed to portray myself in the way that I want other people to see me and to hide my “dark-side”. I now see how time indeed is an illusion and all was as it should have been. The feelings that were evoked in me as a result of this spontaneity were exactly what helped me grow and learn more about my patterns. It had nothing to do with the words I said, but what I felt inside, what I saw myself do and heard myself think. This was extremely effective and powerful. Today I practice merging my two movies into one – acknowledging my “dark-side” as a navigator that I need to become my truest self, not something I want to hide from. I absolutely feel the difference already. I have changed.
I can’t go without mentioning how lovely the venue was. The farm was gorgeous and the lunches were delicious. It was also a great opportunity to have a big pajama party with some of my favourite girls in my life! All in all, it was an experience that I will never forget. I am forever grateful. I LOVE that I know you and I am so happy to be part of your school. Much love,
Carla, Burnaby

This weekend let me accept the pain with the joy, the dark with the light; bringing me closer to my true self as spirit within this frail and powerful human vessel. I am embracing the change I need to be and allowing for the possibility – in this body, with these faults, in every moment – for BLISS. When I allow for this change in myself, then I am open to help clients experience a quantum shift in healing.
Bonnie, Vancouver

I am so grateful for Michael D’Alton’s ability and willingness to create a space for transformation to take place. The workshop was just what I needed to further deepen my Bio-Energy Practise.
Kaia, Vancouver


Read what Bio-Energy Practitioners said about our Level 3 Advanced Training courses in the UK…

Amazing! This course has really made me realize a lot about myself, I guess it has been the re-awakening I have needed. I feel extremely motivated and energised! The course has exceeded my expectations in every way. Thank you.
Natalie, Scotland

The workshop was fantastically powerful! It was an amazing and inspiring experience. There are so many self help books and schools of thought out there and I’m familiar with so many of the concepts but Michael has a way of really hitting these ideas home that truly opens your eyes and integrates them in your body, mind and heart. Thank you!
Bob Millett, England

My energy is 100% safe in your hands, Michael. I received the teaching I’ve been waiting for for 3 years.
Emma, England

You have excelled yourself, as usual. What a brilliant weekend, it is a shame it has come to an end. I can’t wait for our next course!
Marie, England

A genuine Bio-Energy teacher who provided me with a fantastic weekend of fun, learning and vibration raising learning, which I can grow from. I have already signed up for my next course!
Kate, Scotland

I am thrilled to have come to the ‘Harry Potter’ school of creating a life I desire. I will come back. I have committed a long time ago and am thrilled to see it working.
Dr. Petra B., Germany

I received exactly what I intended, wanted and more! Thank you.
Rada, England

I had heard so much about Michael before I came to Edinburgh. I expected great things and what I received far exceeded what I expected. It has certainly moved my blocks to allow me to move forward and grow. Thank you so much.
Carin, Scotland

Thank you for a wonderful weekend, which has helped me to move forward with a big decision in my life. I will now go home and start at once to put it in motion. I really chose the right time and place in my life to be here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Margaret, Scotland

The weekend has refocused my energy and commitment to myself to create high energy and health-and to having more fun!
Milka, England

I am very grateful to Michael D’Alton for this very special workshop. You are an amazing teacher and a wonderful specialist. I am going to apply this enlightening knowledge in my life as well as in my Bio-Energy practice. Thank you very much.
Inna, England

‘WOW’ simply amazing! I had a fantastic time renewing and revitalising my passion for this wonderful work I have taken as my path in life. It’s just what I needed. Thank you, Michael for everything you are and everything you give. It’s wonderful to learn so much new stuff and to be reminded of some of the old stuff too!
Caroline, England

A challenging weekend! Thanks for rekindling my passion for Bio-Energy. A door has been opened for me to progress my knowledge and skills and continue on my path of self development. Brilliant delivery and I felt fully engaged the whole time.
Nanette, Scotland

Learning to be the best therapist I can be is about learning from someone who knows exactly how energy works. Michael’s clarity, insight and understanding are astounding. You cannot fail to grow and therefore become the very best you can be thanks to Michael.
George, Scotland

A very stimulating, energizing and enlivening weekend. A re-heater, re-awakener and reminder of why we are truly here! Thank you Michael for embodying your passion for Bio-Energy Healing and for inviting us into the dance of excellent health and wellbeing.
Sara, Scotland

Absolutely brilliant! Energizing, uplifting, inspirational and motivating. I loved the entire weekend. Thank you, more of the same please and keep the energy flowing!
Amanda, Scotland

Meeting Michael was one of the most enlightening experiences I have ever had. His work with energy surpassed my expectation. I look forward to meeting with him again to share more of his knowledge with me.
Sandra, Scotland