Level 2 International Bio-Energy Practitioner Diploma Training – Costa Rica

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This training is a 2 week course designed to take an individual with an interest in Energy Medicine through a Seven Step process preparing them to be a Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner. It takes place at the beautiful Blue Spirit Retreat Center in Nosara, Costa Rica every year.

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Level 2 Bio-Energy Practitioner Diploma:

A huge thank you is in order for Michael D’Alton. Thank you for creating this life changing program. Thank you for showing up at 110% in every moment. Your love for what you do shines through you and your vibrant energy is contagious. Thank you for being ruthlessly compassionate and steadfast on you commitment to your students. Thank you for countless ‘Golden Nuggets’, life-lessons, ‘Ah-Ha!’ moments and hilarious jokes. Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and into the infinite. This course has been an absolute blessing in my life and I am grateful.
Laine, Calgary

Michael D’Alton, Educator and Entertainer Extraordinaire, thank you, thank you, thank you! The material you gather and present in this course is so powerful and meaningful that the lives of those who participate are changed forever. Between your Irish humour, tremendous enthusiasm, knowledge base, and whole-hearted commitment to teaching, personal transformation is inevitable in your students. I have laughed, cried, wanted to run away, been glad that I stayed, and gotten more out of this work, than anything else I have ever done.
Claire, Vancouver

I opened up by surprise to my spiritual path in 1998, when trying a few yoga postures. I was immediately triggered by the sensations of well being and peace it brought me. I got curious and started practising yoga and meditation regularly. After a major car accident, I found myself stuck with nerve damage in the cervical, lumbar, and sacral spine, a jumping nerve in the eye, a weak and numb right arm, and much pain in my back. I chose to refuse surgery, taking medication and healed my back by practicing yoga and meditation. It took some time but I succeeded. It inspired me to take a Yoga Teacher Training in 2005. I now own Shala Yoga Studio in Sqaumish BC. In 2008 and 2009 I hurt my back again. It came to my ears that Michael D’Alton was an amazing and inspiring practitioner. I booked a few sessions of Bio-Energy with him, and found his technique life changing. During that time, Michael mentioned one spot left for the Bio-Energy Level 1 training so I registered. Even with little experience, the results of the first Bio-Energy Healing sessions I practised on my friends and family were fantastic, incredible. Last fall 2011, I registered for the level 2 training and I have been more than amazed from all that the course has brought into my life personally, professionally, and spiritually. I had never encountered any practise so efficient and uplifting as Bio-Energy Healing before, nor have I to this day. I found a calling, and I am excited to soon establish a Bio-Energy Healing practice alongside Shala Yoga.
Josee, Squamish BC

After serving 15 years with the Canadian Armed Forces, I went to work for a large BC communications company, where I am presently employed. In both my careers I was a radio technician. When my boys were old enough to play hockey, I started coaching and became interested in alternative medicines and healing modalities due to the rigors of the regular and tournament schedules. I started off reading about massage and trying it on my boys and wife. My wife suggested that I take a course on massage, but before I did this I became a chartered herbalist. I then took a course in aroma therapy massage, blending oils, hot rock and crystal massage. I also took courses in nutrition and digestion. During a health and wellness show in Vancouver, I stopped to listen to Michael D’Alton give a short talk on Bio-Energy Healing. It was like he was only talking to me. A lot of the things that he said about people who take course and do nothing, really hit home. We listened to his talk and then my wife and I went and had a treatment with Kaia Duggan, one of the practitioners at the show. I must admit that I was sceptical, but after 2 weeks my wife told me that a recurring problem she had for 2 years and the doctor was unable to sure, was gone. I decided that at that point Bio-Energy Healing required more investigation for me. I took the level the level 1 Bio-Energy Healing course and was blown away with the results I got treating family and friends with limited techniques and knowledge. This made the decision to take the level 2 Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner Course easy. Taking the practitioner course has not only allowed me to help people, it has opened me up to better personal skills in dealing with others. Some antiquated and inflexible attitudes I maintained are gone and my personal and business relationships have greatly improved. Thank you.
Tom, Vancouver

Before I did the Level 2 training I used to be a lot more serious and uptight. I had mid back pain most of the time without an injury or overuse. Now after doing the training and receiving treatments, I take things with a grain of salt and I laugh a lot more. I no longer have mid back pain, despite all the sessions I’ve been practicing and lifting I do as a nurse. I must say, Bio-Energy Healing has changed my life in a way that has helped me to change many of my habits, thoughts, and perceptions. I will be forever grateful for the personal transformation.
Paulina, Washington

I began my Bio-Energy training with Michael three years ago whilst I was working as a Medical Advisor for one of the London Boroughs. I was extremely skeptical of what might be offered by the course and of the whole subject but felt it was a course that I must take. This decision was to change my life. Michael proved to be a truly inspirational teacher. The teaching given was simple, clear, and enjoyable. This was supported by caring, practical instruction. Together with my fellow students, I looked forward to the teaching sessions. Not only did we learn more each time about bio-energy, we began to see positive changes in ourselves whether these were physical, emotional or psychological. The bio-energy course itself was well structured and the written material was so good that after 2+ years since graduating it continues to support my practice. Michael was the architect of the course and a teacher par excellence. His ongoing support is invaluable and his sheer joy in what he does is infectious. I am now a full time Bio-Energy therapist specializing in distant healing and enjoying making a difference in peoples’ lives.
Barbara, RN, RM, NDN, RHV, BETD, England

It was encouraging that we were able to use the therapy right from the beginning of our training. Both our patients and we were surprised and reassured by the results. Important aspects of the training are the ability we acquired to further our own self-development, and the co-operative spirit generated by the trainee group.
Drs. Sheila and Robin G., Scotland

The course was an experience in self-discovery and the realization of what potential we all have, a journey into the realms of a quantum physical world, which connects us with everything in nature and indeed the universe. It was also the development of our spiritual path which helps us to emanate our light and help others to do so in their everyday lives. I found it very heartwarming to witness the metamorphosis of all the new friends I made while taking the course. We came from all walks of life but by the end of the course we had all changed our attitude about how we looked at others and ourselves around us, we were compassionate and wise and were ready to use this to heal others.
Margaret, Scotland

I had a deep desire to gain a better understanding of, and achieve, balance in my stressed professional life and was looking for a change of career. Bio-Energy has definitely set me on the right path. My mind has been illuminated to the close relationship existing between the emotions and physical ailments. Bio-Energy with its principles and practice has so far offered me answers to my questions on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. All the feedback from my work with individuals has been extremely positive and personally rewarding.
James, Scotland

I was attracted to the Bio-Energy course having read of the successes of this particular therapy. I was pleased to find that the course was presented in a scientific, but comprehensible way and was not surprised to find that Michael D’Alton, architect of D’Alton’s Bio-Energy system, had studied Engineering but was obviously a very compassionate man. Yes but could I do this? Would my clients get better? My queries have been satisfactorily answered. My own health has never been better, my friends and clients have had wonderful results from the therapy. Without taking away from other therapies in my opinion Bio-Energy is the most potent therapy I know of. In short, I am excited about this. It is a complete change of life for me.
Chris, Scotland

The course was a journey of self development and learning, enabling me to help others achieve the level of good health, well-being and positive attitude I have come to know for myself.
Lorna, Northern Ireland

One year ago I attended a four day treatment clinic because I had M.E. The therapy made such a difference to my life; it permitted my body to heal itself. Straight away I knew Bio-Energy Healing was for me. During the course I gained the ability to relax, be positive and confident. I understand others and myself better, my concentration has improved and I am much more calm and centered. This has improved all areas of my life and I now get great pleasure and satisfaction in being able to help others.
Laura Ann, Scotland

Since I come from a science background (with over 30 years in Medical Physics in the N.H.S.), I found the early part of the course particularly testing because of the new concept of Bio-Energy that I had to accommodate in my thinking. I feel I have now grasped a scientific description and explanation of energy that can happily and adequately contain all concepts of Bio-Energy Therapy. The concept of interacting intelligent holographic master plans behind anything and everything makes it possible to conceive of how Bio-Energy Therapy fits into a wonderfully integrated plan of the whole creation, and once taken on board, the ramifications are very exciting for health and personal and human spiritual development. I would like to thank all involved in making me aware of this life changing therapy.
David, England

Prior to meeting Michael I had suffered from chronic microscopic ulcerative colitis for two years. I was on a course of anti-inflammatories and steroids. These merely suppressed the symptoms and the condition was supposedly “incurable”. After having studied with Michael on the bio-energy course and receiving several treatments from him I returned to hospital for a check up. They told me I’d had a full remission from a supposedly “incurable” condition. I was delighted. Michael D’Alton’s delivery of the bio-energy course was clear and well structured. He is an excellent teacher. Thank you for all that you did for me.
Dan, England

Just a few lines to say that I attended Michael D’Alton’s clinic for a number of sessions of Bio-Energy and I also attended the Level 2 Diploma Course. I suffered from arthritis in the spine. Before the course my head was filled with negative thoughts about today and of the future, firmly planted there by a well meaning specialist doctor. The course changed all that. New positive thoughts have replaced the negative ones and I feel I have reclaimed my power again. The bio-energy sessions have improved my health and I haven’t taken a tablet since I attended Michael’s clinic. I am back working and I feel ordinary again. I also feel much stronger inside with a real sense of hope about the future.
Helen, Ireland