Level 1 Bio-Inspired Workshop

Discover in only one weekend effective energy healing techniques you can immediately use to heal yourself, your friends and family. 

Have you ever felt like your health is in someone else’s hands? This workshop gives you the tools to bring your health back into your own hands and get your energy flowing freely so your body can restore itself to it’s natural healthy state.
This workshop includes:

  • Understand how to master your energy and change illness into well-being
  • Feel the life force within you when your energy is flowing freely
  • Learn to trust your healing ability and allow energy to work for you
  • Gain access into the world of infinite possibilities and create what you’ve always dreamed about
  • Come face to face with what stands in your way and move beyond these limitations
  • Learn to create more balanced and rewarding relationships

By the end of this workshop you’ll learn what ‘energy’ is, how our health is affected by the flow of energy and how you can actively direct this natural flow. You’ll learn how to heal yourself and others using the 12 foundational Bio-Energy Healing techniques.

  • You’ll experience both giving and receiving Bio-Energy Healing throughout the workshop, with individual coaching to learn the techniques
  • You’ll receive a workshop manual with technique instructions and exercises designed to assist you in releasing ‘stuck’ energy in specific areas of your life
  • Enjoy the opportunity to practice your techniques at our ‘swap session’ events

Learn how to show up in your life, release blocked energy and shift issues on an energetic level with our life changing weekend workshop on Bio-Energy Healing.

Imagine being able to heal yourself and those you care about after one weekend of training! It truly is the biggest gift you could give.

This certified introductory workshop is a step in the right direction for individuals interested in Energy Healing, Mastering the Law of Attraction and Personal Growth.

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What people are saying about Bio-Energy Training courses…

Level 1: Introduction Weekend

This workshop was supposed to be an inspiring introduction to Bio-Energy. Instead it started me on an incredible life transformation. It was like waking up and seeing the world through new eyes. Michael is an incredible person and an amazing Teacher! These two days were some of the most important days of my life!
Joshua, Vancouver

For a mind-bending, energy-filled weekend that will provide you with a rewarding set of tools for you to use in your lifetime, I highly recommend enrolling into Michael’s Level 1 Bio-Inspired Workshop. It will change your life and those around you forever! Discover a whole new world by peeling the layers off the mystery in energy healing through Michael’s excellent instructions and demonstrations. His teaching style is second to none; you will be inspired! This is a MUST DO!
Ken, Vancouver

I am very glad I attended Michael’s L1 training. Michael explains concepts and ideas so well and presents them in such a way that I felt as though was I hearing about them for the first time. I think this is a valuable course and I would encourage people who want to learn about and benefit from energy healing to attend. We did practice sessions over the weekend training and I had an unexpected healing take place. I’ve had inner ear eczema for about 10 years and I woke up after the weekend without the eczema. I wasn’t even focused on the eczema as I had “bigger issues” to tackle so I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up eczema/itch free. Thanks Michael, for the wonderful work that you do.
Harpreet, Vancouver

Level 1 was amazing for me as I found myself changing in ways Id so often wished I could change but had not. For example, at the break time I gathered myself together and moved quickly both out of class and back in with ease and confidence freed of my ever present lack of self confidence and low self esteem and with no sense of being rushed, also I found myself participating 100% in class. Later when I started to practice the skills with a partner, I dropped my over judgmental perfectionist habit and allowed myself to be a beginner and be comfortable with making some mistakes. After the class was finished, I was so pleased I had attended and since then, I’ve continued to break through my negative resistance and move on to new skills keeping whatever it was that shifted with Michael in class. I plan to take the next level in the future.
Elle, Vancouver

I don’t know what I was expecting when I showed up. However, it’s safe to say that I wasn’t expecting this. To have so many life altering concepts pumped into two days is phenomenal. The course is well organized. Concepts were clear and concise. Michael’s style just makes sense. Truly an experience!
Wayne, Vancouver

I was told that the L1 Bio-Inspired weekend was going to be one of my best weekend ever, so I went to it with pretty high expectations. It was above and beyond anything I could expect. It was life changing, transformational. I encourage anyone who is interested in personal growth, healing their bodies and who is interested in helping others to take this workshop. Michael’s method of teaching is designed to keep you engaged and the most present you have ever been in any other class. You will absorb it like a sponge. He is a true Mentor and I am so excited for continuing this journey with him in Level 2 series. Michael, I am immensely grateful.
Ivania, Vancouver

Michael allowed me to see that the world of infinite possibilities exists within me. I am the master of my energy, which will manifest the life of my dreams. Not only do I know these fundamental principles, I now understand them. Thanks for sharing your gifts with me!
Gina, Maple Ridge

Michael offers a quick start course of applied learning with impact full yet easy to learn introduction to energy healing and self realization with practical tools to reach your goals.
Eric, Edmonton

Michael offers this wisdom in practical, experiential ways so you take away concrete information embodied at a cellular level. You can use it immediately; you can feel the transformation, the shift. It is the most powerful, life changing work I’ve ever done. If we know how to work with energy, everything else falls into place.
Phyllis, Burnaby

When the student is ready the teacher appears and gives you the missing link…..a kick in the ‘backside’ and tools to move you to the next level. Thank you Michael, you are a blessing indeed.
Renata, Vancouver

There were more ‘ah ha’ moments this weekend than I could have imagined! Thank you, Michael for helping me realize that I too can find my way back to natural health.
Karen, Vancouver

This weekend provided a small glimpse into the REAL world, the NATURAL world. A long step away from where too many of us live!
Sheila, Vancouver

I have been on a journey of healing for over 3 years. Michael’s teaching style and the information shared was life changing. I am a healer of myself and others-this was shown repeatedly over the weekend. Bio-Energy is transformational.
Violet-Rose, Vancouver

As Michael said at the beginning of the workshop, it was the best weekend of all my life. With simple but valuable information, I feel able to change my life and create wonderful experiences. I feel happy, full of energy. I am open to a world of infinite possibilities and prosperity. Thank you Michael.
Adriana, Vancouver

My intention for this weekend was to gain new insight into how to promote improved health and wellbeing for myself and others. This course has far surpassed my expectation. The gifts I’ve received this weekend from Michael and others on the course will continue to impact my life for years to come, thank you!
Maria, Vancouver

I came to the workshop expecting instruction on Bio-Energy techniques but was pleasantly surprised with the amount of personal development content. Altogether, a very well rounded workshop. Many thanks.
Bill, Vancouver

What an incredible weekend! Talk about turning myself inside out! I really enjoyed stretching myself to believe in the infinite supply of energy that is and to believe that this energy is capable of moving and shifting. Also, to accept that illness is merely blocked energy and it is simply a matter of removing the blocks to access the natural health within us. Michael provides expert support and information so that the student can get to this place. Thank you!
Karen, Vancouver

I found the weekend very exciting. I saw auras and now know what that looks like. Michael is an awesome presenter and I would very much like to go further and do the Diploma course so that I can use this knowledge not only for myself but with animals. Thank you for an inspiring two days.
Mandy, Vancouver

What a wonderful weekend, I am so thrilled to have been here! I heard just what I needed to hear. Michael’s presentation is powerful; it’s quick moving, meaningful, inspiring, energetic and so very valuable. I can’t thank you enough for this gift of teaching us to improve ourselves and help others as well. The Bio-Energy healing amazes me, it’s so successful!
Susan, Surrey

Energy is everywhere and is everything, let energy work for you and through you. Thank you, Michael for the generosity of sharing your divine knowledge.
Renu, Vancouver

I came to the introductory healing workshop with the intention of leaving with a sense of personal direction and wellbeing. There is no doubt in my mind that I achieved my goal. I always suspected my path was in healing and this weekend I aligned with energy I felt and saw. I now know I am a healer. Even with no further training I will make a difference in my own life as well as the lives of my friends and in my family. Michael, when the student is ready the teacher appears. You appeared.
Lisa, Nanaimo

I came to this workshop for confirmation. I knew I was capable of healing, I have always known this. This workshop confirmed my beliefs and has empowered and inspired me to continue on my journey to master the healer within. Michael is a gift. I feel blessed to know him and to be taught by him and to be healed by him. His teachings are simple yet so powerful, a life changing experience. I am so happy I showed up.
Claudia, Vancouver

What a great weekend! I learned so much about what I am capable of. There’s such a difference in my energy field. I feel like the energy is flowing more freely in and around me. I’m so excited about being able to take and use this new healing method to help heal others. The hands on practice really helped to ingrain in me this extremely effective healing method.
Kirsten, North Vancouver

I truly enjoyed Michael’s total commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to bring a healing method to me to help me focus on taking steps towards getting healthy.
Catherine, Port Moody

I anticipated a good workshop but this was far more than I expected. I came to learn energy healing methods and came away with tools for making profound changes in my life. This is a path I have to continue. Also, Michael is the best motivational speaker I have found. He is entertaining and humorous, while delivering profound words of wisdom in a way that kept my full attention. Thank you, Michael.
Peter, Surrey

This was an outstanding experience. In one weekend I was able to see my issues more clearly and shift them on a physical level! The learning was amazing and will no doubt have a huge ripple effect in my life. As a facilitation of personal development, I have learned some great tools just by Michael’s modeling that I’m sure made it easier for me to absorb and relax with the concepts and techniques. I admire Michael’s personal commitment to this field and thank you so much for sharing your gift with me.
Sharon, Vancouver

I have been looking for proof that energy work does exist. I doubted Michael all the first day, but by the second day I felt that energy! This workshop will give you more than theory, it will give you take home practice so that you can practice with your family and friends. I’ll have lots of fun.
Yassel, Miami, Florida

I thought I knew what being present meant. It wasn’t until I attended the Bio-Energy Healing L1 Workshop that I knew… I mean REALLY knew… with every cell of my Being what being present is. Michael set forth his expectations right from the beginning and from the first moment until the very last, it was high energy, full participation, give it all you’ve got and say goodbye to your comfort zone. I had never done that in my life and had no idea I had it in me. We were at 100% energy, and while on paper the days looked like they would be long, they weren’t long enough in my opinion. I personally could have added another 4 hrs to the day easily and still had energy left over. It was such a new and wonderful experience. I knew I wanted more of it and to live my life that way every day.
Michael’s method of teaching through accelerated learning was really phenomenal. I was engaged the whole time, and never knew when something would happen to blow open my mind, body and spirit more than I could have ever conceived. It happened a lot! There were so many light bulb moments… one of which was literally a light bulb moment with a light bulb! While accelerated learning is great in theory, I could quickly see that many people might have the tools to teach using it; Michael’s passion and flare brought it to a whole other level. His heart, mind, body and Spirit were giving 110% the entire workshop. He was wildly entertaining and it’s abundantly clear he LOVES what he does. He has a childlike enthusiasm about wanting to share it. While he may have just celebrated 20 years in Bio-Energy Healing, he’s got the kind of enthusiasm that people have when something is brand new and amazing.
I was really blown away by how much I retained. I have never gotten so much out of one weekend in my life. At the beginning Michael said ‘This is going to be the best weekend of your life.’ I’d just gotten back from Maui so I wasn’t convinced. He was right though! This beat out Maui by a long shot. For those that know me and my deepest soul’s passion and love for Maui, that’s a jaw dropping statement not to be taken lightly!
Thank you Michael and team for the most amazing weekend EVER! They say when you start living your life’s purpose, it’s effortless and you are supported. While we were asked to give 100% to this, it felt effortless, and I have never felt more supported, energized and inspired. When the student is ready, the teacher appears, and what a teacher you are! I feel SO blessed and deeply grateful for the opportunity to be your student. Thank you for creating a safe space to allow us to bust out of our comfort zone and really go for it and for giving us all of you the entire time. Our class was full of amazing people. So many connections and lifelong friendships blossomed to be sure. It’s no surprise given that we were challenged to drop the story and just be the powerful beings we are.
I’ve been practicing and already seeing phenomenal results in just one week, both in myself and in those I’m practicing on. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead. I know that 20 years from now, I’ll still be practicing with just as much enthusiasm because as Michael says ‘You never get sick of seeing people get better.’ In addition, the ways in which my life has changed in just one week is just mind-blowing! Merely putting everything into practice that I learned to maintain my energy levels, to think differently and to BE different has created such a re-direction of my life, gotten me off the round-a-bout and down my path with direction and purpose. I’m so excited for L2 and beyond. I want to be involved in every way possible. Thank you for helping me to show up and participate in life!
With the deepest gratitude and love ~
Kaelah, Vancouver