Before I had sessions I had a general feeling malaise and very low energy every day. I felt anxious and hopelessness. After Bio-Energy I feel rejuvenated, I have much higher energy, I feel optimistic, enthusiastic, grounded, calm, centered, connected and whole.
Tammie, Vancouver

Before I had Bio-Energy I was exhausted, had no motivation and was sleeping through the day. After having a course of treatment, I now have lots of energy, I don’t sleep through the day and projects are getting completed!
Rick, Calgary

Before I had sessions, I had knee pain, low energy, shoulder pain and was stressed. After having Bio-Energy I have more energy, no pain and feel calmer!
Marylnn, Surrey

Before I tried Bio-Energy I lacked any lust for life. I felt lazy but was not willing to get up and do something about it. I was holding a lot of stress for myself and for my husband. After having treatment I now have a lot of energy and no longer procrastinate. I feel healthy and happy. I am managing daily stress better, but still have a lot going on in my life and lots of changes.
Taira, North Vancouver

Before I had Bio-Energy I was feeling lethargic, slow and unmotivated. This was accompanied with a lack of direction and not really caring about anything. After having sessions I have higher energy levels and I am beginning to have a stronger sense of self and a stronger sense of purpose. I am becoming more interested in my goals and have a deeper sense of being.
Wade, Calgary

Before I had Bio-Energy Healing I had low energy and motivation and poor time management. After having sessions I feel more focused and I have more energy and strength when I start my day and before I go to bed. I sleep less but deeper now.
Leo, Calgary

Before I had Bio-Energy Healing I always felt run down and felt like I was on the verge of a cold or flu. I would sleep for a few hours as I would toss and turn all night. I would always feel stressed throughout the day. After having a course of treatment I am seeing everything more clearly and feeling less stressed. I have more energy and feel less run down. My sleep has also improved.
Bill, Calgary

I had Bio Energy treatment in 2007 and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I had a successful high flying career until I was diagnosed with ME as well as an auto immune disorder. This resulted in my life falling apart and me being unable to work. Bio energy therapy is amazing. It is the only therapy I can truly say I have felt immediate benefit. I can walk out of a treatment feeling like a different person, totally uplifted and energised. I have made more progress in the last few months since trying bio energy than in the last 3 years put together. I am so inpsired by it that I am now signing up to become a bio energy practitioner myself so that I can inspire other to heal themselves.
Esther, London

My daughter, age 13, was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue syndrome/ME in February 2009 having been ill since October 2008. During her illness her symptoms have varied but in January this year 2010, she started struggling to walk and was experiencing heaviness and pain in her legs and a month later was having to use crutches to walk around the house and a wheelchair if out. Having tried other alternative therapies to help my daughter and in particular her legs, we decided to give bio energy healing a try in August and the results have been fantastic; when getting home from the end of the fourth session she put her crutches in the corner of the room and nearly 7 weeks on they have have not been touched since. She is able to walk again without pain and is gradually building up the distances she is able to walk slowly but surely. She is also more positive about her illness now and believes she is going to get there. I would definitely recommend bio energy, it has made a huge difference to my daughter’s life!
C.P, Epsom, Surrey

Before I had Bio-Energy sessions I had reached a point in my health where I knew I needed more self-discipline. I was not exercising regularly, eating too much, and stressed out about anything and everything. Very quickly after my first session, I simply started to use our treadmill regularly, was more in control of the volume and kinds of food that I was eating. I have consequently lost 6 pounds and am keeping it off. I am also able to work longer, more physically, and more consistently than ever before. My feelings of stress have been reduced as I feel more in control of my life and what I am able to do. My life has become more peaceful inside my head and I am not being bothered by the pressures from the world around me. Thank you.
John, BC

Thanks so much for the treatments. I was amazed that after just the second treatment I realized the pain in my hand had gone away. After the third session I had so much energy last lasted throughout the day unlike before. I feel a level of calmness and energy that I haven’t felt for a long time. I look forward to coming back for more!
Marlo, Vancouver

Having Bio-Energy was a great experience that helped me to have more energy for my every day, and also stay relaxed in times of heavy stress. It was great for getting to the source of my concerns and I was able to look at things from a different perspective. This has allowed me to manage all things that bother me with more calm patience. Thanks to the sessions I have noticed myself being more active in physical activity and more overall optimistic and patient. I think Bio-Energy would be very useful for most people, especially the ones that are trapped in their busy everyday life. Thank you!
Daniel, Vancouver

When I began having Bio-Energy I was in the middle of a flare up of my condition polymyositis, and I was very weak. I was basically sleeping all day and all night at that time. I didn’t even have the energy to watch TV. It was difficult to stand during the whole treatment. I do believe the treatments unblocked something in me. During one of the sessions I had to vomit, but after that point I seemed to pass some kind of hump and I slowly became progressively stronger. By the last treatment I could stand for the whole time without problems. I was even able to attend a public event which I never would have considered doing when I first started the sessions. Thank you.
Grace, Vancouver

I’ve been having trouble with my energy levels and depression for a while. Bio-Energy really helped me with these problems. After my first session I started dreaming at night which I hadn’t been doing in a long time. When I woke, I felt good and I’m starting to work out regularly again. During the sessions, I could actually feel the flow of energy, it was pretty fascinating! Thank you!
D, Vancouver

Even though I am an energy healer myself, and do a wonderful job helping other people, I forgot to look after myself. As a result, when I went for Bio-energy, my energy was so low I was barely functioning. The treatments helped me to clear the energy blocks that were in my body and allowed me to start functioning the way I want to again. I am now listening to my body and taking better care of myself.
Sheryl, Vancouver

My energies have risen quite substantially since I finished a course of treatment and I have noticed that my aching back has been absent as well. Among other physical benefits, I no longer have aching legs when walking and my pace has picked up considerably. I am more agile after rising in the morning and this continues all day. Overall, I do feel a great benefit from the Bio-Energy and would certainly recommend it to others.
Patricia, Vancouver

Before I had Bio-Energy I was suffering from low energy and depression. I was feeling stuck about a lot of aspects in my life. After having sessions I can more easily and quickly pull myself out of a slump or bad mood. My energy levels are wonderfully higher!
Fiona, Vancouver

I cannot stress enough how fabulous my Bio-Energy sessions were. Before I had treatment I was constantly tired, lacking energy and my mental alertness was not as it should be, especially with exams creeping up. But now I’m energized, alert and aware and I feel great! I won’t pretend to understand your magic, but I’m very grateful for having Bio-Energy.
Emily, Ireland

After having a course of treatment of Bio-Energy I notice I definitely have more energy. I am going longer periods without feeling tired and believe me this is strange and new feeling for me because for years I have suffered severe fatigue and could never get enough sleep.
Nancy, UK

I have been suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome and more recently a severe ulceration of the mouth for a number of years. From the first session my conditions started to deteriorate and by the fourth

session I was feeling overall much better and also had a much more positive outlook on life. Since then I have been feeling great, my energy levels have been high, but more reassuringly for me, my mouth ulceration has virtually healed over. I am absolutely delighted! I would recommend Bio-Energy to anyone with an illness that conventional medicine has failed to treat.
Elizabeth, Ireland

I didn’t know what to expect, but before I had Bio-Energy I was very tired (always tired) and weak. After my first session I was very relaxed and felt at ease with myself. I continued to relax more as the sessions went on and started to enjoy them. I am now sleeping better than I have in years and I am feeling very good within myself. I am starting to like myself for the first time in years. Thank you.
T, Ireland