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Michael D’Alton’s Bio-Energy Healing Clinic

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Electra Health Floor
970 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC Canada
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Jane Baker – Bio-Energy Practitioner/Trainer
White Rock/South Surrey
“When our Bio-Energy is flowing freely, our bodies can create healthy cells rather than re-creating unhealthy patterns of disease, pain and illness. Bio-Energy Healing treats problems at source and helps people step out of past limitations and create new possibilities. I love to give Bio-Energy sessions to people who are feeling “stuck” with their health or other areas of their life and to witness their transformation through a course of treatment.”

Olga Bron – Bio-Energy Practitioner
21240 95th Avenue, Langley
“I’ve had the ability to feel mine and other people’s energy since a very young age. Bio-Energy Healing is a non-invasive therapy which I employ to heal people of both physical and emotional pain. I help people open up to the energy of the universe and to utilize their intuition as a guiding force in their lives. My expertise in Bio-Energy is treating depression. I have life experience dealing with people with depression and I’ve always been good at knowing how to cheer them from emotional trauma. Bio-Energy Healing allows me to connect people to the divine, and with the knowledge of our eternity I can show people a new outlook that will help them overcome a painful past. Recently I received my business license and am working full time as a Bio-Energy Practitioner.”

Debby Brouwer – Bio-Energy Practitioner/Trainer
North Vancouver
“I believe in the incredible power of the mind, body and spirit which provides incredible capacity for healing at all levels. Learning to focus with clear intention we can obtain outstanding life changing results. Let’s begin YOUR journey into healing your life. My area of expertise is helping people to create complete health and wellness.”

Amber Carreiro – Bio-Energy Practitioner

Surrey/White Rock


“Bio-Energy has given me the most profound tools to enhance my clients’ healing experiences. There is no greater joy than helping someone become more than they ever imagined and to help them feel free from pain and ailments while moving forward to their better, healthier self. Although I work with many clients with various ailments ranging from emotional disorders to physical pain and symptoms, my expertise lies within children with emotional and behavior issues as well as sport injuries. Helping to bring balance into their systems is extremely beneficial and expresses itself far beyond the classroom and playing field.”

Lara Catherine – Bio-Energy Practitioner
Vancouver, Kitsilano
“Bio Energy is the most amazing, effective and efficient form of healing I have ever experienced and this is what enticed me to become a practitioner. I continue to have clients share that Bio energy worked for them when many other healing modalities did not. When pain, illness, mental or emotional issues are present in the body it is most often an accumulation of energy build up sitting in one or more areas of the body. Bio energy techniques draw this blocked energy out of the body which in turn allows the energy to flow naturally again and symptoms gradually or often rapidly dissolve. My years of yoga study, teaching and practice have taught me invaluable tools that have facilitated my own healing and which I often use to further help clients with their healing process. I have had success treating: depression, anxiety, back pain, many injuries, IBS, arthritis and more.”

Simona Ciucci – Bio-Energy Practitioner/Massage Practitioner – Thyme to Relax
“Bio-energy healing is a non invasive, natural way to heal your body. The body is made of a bio-field also known as the aura. A bio-energy healer uses specialized techniques to restore the flow of energy. When energy flows anything goes. My area of expertise is back, neck and shoulder pain as well as helping people with financial prosperity.”

Kaelah Clemens – Bio-Energy Practitioner
Vancouver, West End
“Bio-Energy Healing is the most profoundly effective form of healing I have ever come across. I’ve experienced it’s magic as a client, and continue to endlessly witness clients receiving astounding benefit from it. It works when all else doesn’t. Bio-Energy Healing works to restore the flow of life-force energy to the body, removing blocked, stuck or stagnant energy, which is the cause of our physical, mental and/or emotional pain/imbalance. Once the energy field is corrected, it will then correct all it effects, which is everything! It treats the main concern, and also has an amazing ripple effect creating an overall greater sense of well-being. It REALLY works! My area of expertise is back, shoulder/neck pain. Not only have I had a full recovery as a client of Bio-Energy Healing after 15 years suffering with a herniated disc causing sciatica, I have had the most profound results treating clients with these concerns. The majority have received a full recovery and are now enjoying a new level of health and well-being!”

Cathy Code – Support Worker / Bio-Energy Practitioner
Langley/White Rock and area
“Bio-Energy Healing is a wonderful treatment that helps clear your body, mind and spirit for improved health and well-being. I have treated fatigue, anxiety/stress, depression, emotional issues (grief, anger), skin problems as well as physical pain. I am open to help heal any issue. For results, please read the testimonial on ‘adult acne’ published on Michael D’Alton’s School of Bio-Energy Healing Facebook page from May 5, 2015”

Gordana Despotovska – Bio-Energy Practitioner/Trainer
“Achieving and continuously keeping good health is immeasurable and very simple. Keeping the immune system in good working order is the only way to prevent illness and ensure your body stays healthy energetically. Bio-Energy healing is an avenue to return to health and it is extremely effective. I feel grateful, happy and honoured to offer you this amazing gift of bio-energy healing, which awakens and strengthens the energetic potential of health. The flexibility and an effectiveness of Bio-Energy healing has no limitations.”

Kaia Duggan – Bio-Energy Practitioner/Trainer
“Bio-Energy Healing is a gentle and powerful healing system. We live in a fast paced society where everyday stress can block up your energy system and disconnect you from yourself. Bio-Energy removes blocked energy from your system bringing you back to a natural state of balance. My clients overcome their physical symptoms while being propelled forward in many other areas of their life through this work. I love working with people who feel stuck, want more energy, satisfaction and vibrancy in their lives. Whatever the illness is, there is Always a potential for healing to occur.”

Tom Flint – Bio-Energy Practitioner/Trainer
“Bio-Energy healing is a powerful healing modality that lets us interact with and harness the body’s internal and external energy to create better health, therefore improving one’s life. My area of expertise is treating auto-immune diseases. One of my clients, in a period of just over a year, has lowered his medications by half with no increase in pain.”

Sarah Jane Giddy – Bio-Energy Practitioner
Nelson, BC
Crystal Eagle Heart Healing
“Bio-Energy Healing is a powerful tool for transmuting energy on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It takes you on a Journey into yourself to remember how to heal. My area of expertise is helping others turn their pain into Gold. Helping others ground themselves and find their connection to their higher self and life’s purpose.”

Phyllis Hansen – Bio-Energy Practitioner
North Burnaby
“The longer I’m a practitioner – the more grateful I am. I love being a witness to people’s healing whether that’s reducing chronic pain to bring some ease or going deep and working on traumatic emotional issues. I specialize in stress and chronic pain, as well as trauma, depression and anxiety.”

Jacquie Horn – Bio-Energy Practitioner
Chilliwack/Fraser Valley

“Our bodies have the natural ability to heal themselves. I love that statement and what it means – that we can heal ourselves of many ailments and pain without the use of medications that only mask the issue and often have unwanted side-effects. I love sharing this knowledge with clients and working with them to heal. Our natural state is to be healthy and I am grateful to be able to assist others in getting back to this state. I have had success treating different types of arthritis – Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Gout – with clients reporting further pleasant ìside-effectsî of more energy, feeling more peaceful and relaxed, feeling less anxious and sleeping better. I am open to help heal any issue.”

Mizue Jaques – Bio-Energy Practitioner
South Surrey/White Rock
“Bio-Energy Healing releases energy blockages within the body’s bio-field by identifying and removing them without poking or prodding. Not only does it re-establish the natural balanced flow of the Bio-Energy field, it also creates a healthier interconnection of the mind, body and spirit. Regain your inner power, feel lighter, more energized and be free of pain and discomfort! My expertise is in treating stress, anxiety, skin conditions, back/neck/shoulder pain, teeth grinding, heartburn, and more. I also have experience treating pets. Bilingual English/Japanese.”

Josee Jobin – Bio-Energy Practitioner
South Surrey/White Rock
604-541-8747 (Please email me if no answer, when I am in session the phone is off)
“How would you love to feel? Healthy-healed-free-calm-light-energized-happy-empowered-connected-back to your real self with more clarity and focus? By releasing blockages from your energy body, you are creating new fresh space for all that to happen! You can let go of what is holding you back! Plus a Bio-Energy Healing session just feels so good, like you’ve had a deep-gentle massage and yet barely been touched. I call it a body-makeover! That makeover is what makes me passionate about Bio-Energy, to see the shifts unfolding, from pain to health, from being stuck to being free. It is amazing for every one in your family, and your pets too! I also give sessions remotely.”

Janice Jones – Bio-Energy Practitioner
Delta/Surrey/White Rock/Langley
“Kalala – Miracle Place in the Pursuit of Harmony. Bio Energy gives you the tools to heal yourself. The sessions will bring your body and mind back to a place of homeostasis. It will remind you of what health and joy feel like. Some main areas of focus are anxiety, pain and head trauma. Children who suffer panic attacks and learning disorders benefit greatly from sessions.”

Mila Juristovski – Bio-Energy Practitioner
7947 Woodhurst Drive
Burnaby, BC
“Bio-energy is a noninvasive, effective and a unique way of establishing the natural flow of energy and the life force in our bodies. It allows us to reconnect with our natural ability to heal any physical, mental, and emotional imbalances and feel happy, healthy and free. My area of expertise is treating pain, stress, anxiety, emotional pain and depression, as well as motivating people to take good care of their health and thereby becoming their own healers for life. It is the time to own who we really are and to allow the perfection of the wisdom that created the body to run the body!”

Linda Kirkness- Bio-Energy Practitioner/Trainer
“Bio-Energy Healing uses powerful yet gentle techniques, which stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. I work with people dealing with stress overload, assisting them to experience more freedom and balance in their lives.”

Martina Kitt – Bio-Energy Practitioner
South Surrey/White Rock
“By using Bio-Energy Healing techniques, we restore a balanced, healthy flow of energy in a client’s body. This relaxing, yet powerful treatment has proven to be successful in the treatment of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances in the body. I enjoy seeing people get better from illnesses and conditions they have lived with, in some cases, for over 20 years. It is my pleasure to help them regain their strength and take charge of their health and life. I’ve had great results with treatment of neck, shoulder and back pain as well as stress, anxiety and depression.”

Tomoko Kuroda – Bio-Energy Practitioner
“Unfortunately, I used to be a very skeptical person. Even though I was helping people, I still wasn’t where I wanted to be with my practise. However, after practising Bio-Energy Healing since 2006, I have found out the healing energy does exist (ask me about it!) and I have become a 100% believer. My ability to help people has increased tremendously.”

Ayoe Ingemann Lai – Bio-Energy Practitioner/Trainer – Creating Great Health
South Surrey/White Rock
Creating Great Health.                                                                                                                      “We are meant to be healthy! Being healthy is our natural state and we must aim to balance our life so that we can create great health for ourselves, and through ourselves we can assist others in balancing and healing their lives too.”
‘Take charge and create the life you desire!’

Lyrica Lawrence – Massage Therapist/Canine Bio-Energy Practitioner/Bio-Energy Practitioner & Trainer
Vancouver & Burnaby
“I choose to use my Bio-Energy Healing talents to treat dogs. Dogs are there when we are sad, happy and lonely. They are loyal and forgiving. They get us moving and remind us to enjoy nature. Dogs are masters at living in the moment. If we let them, dogs will teach us so much and I believe lead us to a healthier, happier life.”

Dr. Carol Lin – Naturopathic Physician / Bio-Energy Practitioner
Inspirit Health Group
220-997 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC V6B 3M1
“One of the fundamental laws of naturopathic medicine is to address the root cause of the ailment. Quantum theory scientists, the new modern physicists, confirm that everything in our physical universe is a manifestation of ENERGY. Bio-Energy Healing addresses the root cause of the ailment by restoring balance at the energetic level to recreate homeostasis in the physical, mental and emotional levels. I have successfully treated many people with chronic health and emotional issues such as fatigue, allergies, IBS, anxiety and depression. Bio-Energy Healing is an effective and non-invasive healing system to naturally restore optimal health.”

Vivian Lin – Bio-Energy Practitioner
West Vancouver/North Vancouver/Vancouver/Burnaby
“Bio-Energy Healing is a non-invasive method to heal yourself and others with a natural healing process. Discover your potential in healing and power up your energy field! My area of expertise includes sleeping issues, allergies, headaches, arthritis. I also specialize in healing seniors and kids.”

David Linstead – Bio-Energy Practitioner/Trainer: Awakening Mind Intentional Healing Inc.
“Bio-Energy Healing is a unique, holistic healing approach that addresses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues at the level of cause. Blocked energy, stagnant emotions and limiting beliefs are identified and released during a course of therapy. The result is an awakening of one’s natural state of health, happiness, abundance and creativity, leading to a more expansive, flowing and joyful experience of life.”

Art Mars – Bio-Energy Practitioner
“Bio-Energy is about flow, the natural flow of our qi, ki, prana, universal energy. When this energy is flowing freely we are “in the flow,” in a state where self-healing naturally occurs. Bio-Energy works on the energy body surrounding our physical body, creating space so this energy flows without being blocked. We feel lighter and our physical and emotional conditions improve. My area of expertise is improvement in sleep and energy and reduction of stress, anxiety and pain.”

Sharole McNiven – Bio-Energy Practitioner
“Bio-energy healing is a natural, safe, effective healing technique. It facilitates healing for ailments that are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual by bringing your own energy into balance. My area of expertise and experience is with joints. Many of my clients have experienced relief of pain and swelling in their knees, elbows, shoulders and hands.”

Michelle Mucsi – Bio-Energy Practitioner
Vancouver (Kitsilano)
“Bio-Energy healing is a very powerful yet non-invasive method of healing. Using a series of hand techniques around the body, practitioners are able to free blockages in the energy field, creating space for Qi to flow. When energy is flowing freely we feel light, happy and healthy. Bio Energy creates astounding results! I have great success with people suffering from anxiety and depression causing imbalance in their lives. I have great joy witnessing people flourish after sessions. I am enthused and honoured to treat new clients and ignite the healing within.”

Julianne Petersen – Bio-Energy Practitioner/Registered Acupuncturist
Vitality Clinic
827 Hamilton Street, Vancouver
“Vitality Clinic is a multi-disciplinary wellness clinic located in the heart of Yaletown, near the Vancouver Public Library, in one of Vancouver’s treasured heritage houses. Being an Acupuncturist, I understand the complicated health situations people find themselves in and I understand we can approach them with various modalities. Bio-Energy Healing techniques are a great compliment to using my Acupuncture and Cupping therapy skills. I am happy to assist you in your healing journey by clearing stagnation in your body to relieve pain and discomfort, by calming your mind so you can relax and allow healing to take place; and by opening up your energy centres so you can feel better sooner, rather than later.”

Melanie Phillips – Madhuri Ayurveda & Yoga: Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Bio-Energy Practitioner/Trainer
“Bio-Energy Healing is a powerful and practical healing modality that gets to the root cause of symptoms, whether they are physical, mental or emotional. It is simple, effective and non-invasive with results experienced quickly. My area of expertise is working with women to help them clear the blockages that are in their way from living their highest potential, physically, mentally, emotionally or energetically. My background in Ayurveda and Yoga has given me the depth and experience to look holistically at the client and get to the root cause of disturbances and illness.”

Mari Carmen Pourshahriary – Bio-Energy Practitioner
“Bio-Energy creates a shift in your mind and in your body that opens up to infinite possibilities. After over 30 years of carrying guilt, fear, and anger from my childhood; Bio-Energy gave that peace, forgiveness and specially created a shift in me that allowed me to see everything from a different perspective. I am convinced that our mind is so strong that we can create a shift almost immediately and be able to release all past emotions creating and instant healing in our body. I have worked with people helping them with past emotions, migraine and also I’ve had some sessions with a few kids. (8-14) *Morning sessions”

Jessica Rangel – Bio-Energy Practitioner/Trainer
778 227 7428
“Practising Bio-Energy makes my soul shine! Bringing clients back to balance by allowing the energy to flow freely through their body and helping them to create health and happiness in their life is my passion. My areas of expertise are depression, anxiety, stress, emotional pain, addictions, and lack of self confidence.” -You R angel

Maria Rudman – Bio-Energy Practitioner/Trainer
Coal Harbour, Vancouver
“Bio-Energy healing will restore the natural flow of energy in your body to help remove pain and stress and bring about an inner balance of physical health, emotion and spirit. If you are ready to heal your life, live pain-free and create happy relationships I would be pleased to work with you.”

Jasna Sedlar von Svojic – Bio-Energy Practitioner
Vancouver, BC
“Bio-Energy is teaching us how to regain our own self-healing abilities, that we forgot we have. Over the millennia we have been focused on comfort and owning stuff. Give it a chance. Regain your self-healing ability back. Understanding how emotional issues are influencing almost every aspect of our lives, wether we know it or not, I would love to grow with my clients into a guide and healer for emotional sufferers!”

Era Small – Bio-Energy Practitioner
Sunshine Coast, BC
“We are Energy beings. Putting loving intention towards our Energy field encourages new levels of awareness & vitality. Taking time for our energy selves is an exciting adventure. My area of expertise is Energy Balancing.”

Maria Thalmair – Bio-Energy Practitioner/Trainer
Fairview, Vancouver
“You can heal yourself! There is unlimited potential in you that is waiting to be ignited, and Bio-energy Healing is a great tool to assist you towards the life YOU desire. I love what I do and bring deep joy and enthusiasm to this work. With focused intention and intuition combined with Bio-energy techniques, I successfully heal physical, emotional and sexual abuse; pain, stress and anxiety; and the feeling of being ‘stuck’ in life and relationships. Former clients say I provide ‘guidance and understanding,’ and they felt ‘accepted and believed in.’ I look forward to supporting you on your journey.”

Holly Tetz – Bio-Energy Practitioner – Bio-Energy for Life
Langley/Surrey/White Rock
“Our body’s life force is known as Bioenergy.  The balanced flow of this energy is necessary for healing the body and maintaining great health.  Stress, sickness, injury or even suppressed feelings disrupt this energy flow.  Bioenergy Healing removes these blockages, restoring the body’s natural balance and boosting your immune system.  NOW YOUR BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF!  I specialize in stress,pain and anxiety relief, headaches and hormonal issues.  My goal is to assist you with powerful healing techniques and relaxation, to propel yourself toward greater health.”

Voula Tsiakos – Bio-Energy Practitioner
Kitsilano, Vancouver
“Healing takes courage and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.”
“I’ve had wonderful success with back pain.”

Carol Tulpar – Bio-Energy Practitioner/Trainer
“Bio-energy healing is a powerful non-invasive technique that can help people overcome a vast range of health challenges. I help people relax, sleep well and dream again.”

Mary-Ann Vukovic – Bio-Energy Practitioner
Bio-Energy Healing: The Future of Pain and Illness Management.
“Bio-Energy Healing is a simple, safe, effective, timeless, limitless and powerfull natural healing modality that is pain free with no side effects. When energy is balanced and flowing freely we are healthy. It has been around for 1000’s of years and has been scientifically validated and practiced all over the world. All that is required is a commitment to change and wanting to get better. Take the first step to overcoming your obstacles and realize your full potential. My area of expertise and success is pain and illness management.”

Ivania Yep – Bio-Energy Practitioner
“Bio-Energy Healing is a powerful healing modality, yet it is gentle on the body and enjoyable to receive. My job as a practitioner is to correct the imbalances by removing the energy blockages from the energy field, so that the client can return to his/her natural state of health. You may think of it as a reset button on their health blueprint. My area of expertise is treating Women with fibromyalgia and treating children with asthma and eczema. I am living testimony that Bio-Energy works for Fibromyalgia. It worked for me and it worked for two of my own children that suffered from asthma and eczema. I have helped others with these condition and I would love to help you too.”